How to write successful blog? The one to give you money. How do you earn money by writing on internet? You surely must know a lot about programming and designing. No you don't. You just need to know one theme. One niche. One subject. But you must be good in writing about it. If you know one subject, write about it and you will be successful.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Proven facts: The future of internet optimizing is in key phrases not in keywords!

After watching Andy's videos I tried something on one of my web pages from those videos. It was unbelievable. It actually worked!

What have I done? Well first I really do recommend watching all three videos. Why? Because they are talking the right stuff. I’ve red many e-books that tried to explain to me how to earn money, and to be honest, none of them worked. After making one small change that I heard in Andy’s video, I saw results after two days! Yes I did, after two days. I’ve never had such drastic result from any sort of internet marketing or optimizing. And I started to optimize my other web pages with the same technique.

So what have I done? In one of the videos, they explain how to research keywords to use on your site or blog. Inexperienced people usually make mistake and fill their web pages with keywords but without any reasonable meaning or key phrases. Now remember that: the future of internet optimizing is not in keywords but in key phrases! For example let’s say you look information on some dog breed. You probably wouldn’t write dog in search engine, but some phrase like information on Chihuahua breed and if you compare those results they are quite different from each other. And good webmasters know that very well. Now you know also.

If you own a web page, go into your Meta information and replace that bunch of keywords with the right key phrases. It is also important that you really use those phrases on your site, otherwise it is pointless.

Use some specific phrases you are interested in, for example the phrase that is expected to lead to your web page or blog. But there are thousands of sites before yours in search results. Visit first ten of them and view their source. (In IE click on View > Source). You will see how that site is coded. Search for something that start with META NAME="KeyWords" and read what is behind it. Study each one of those first ten pages and try to understand where you make mistakes. What is different on those pages? Which phrases they use?

But there is still the question of seeing the results so fast. At first I didn’t get it, but then I’ve red something and it hit me. But I will explain that later.